11 Resolutions to Revolutionalize Your Church Friendliness

InstructorGary V Carter
TypeOnline Course
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What does it take to see a church grow in numbers and thus have more people in which spiritual growth occurs? Most churches don’t think they need this. But then most churches are on a plateau or decline. You want to grow, don’t you? So let’s get started!

Section 1
Lecture 111 Resolutions Introduction
Lecture 2Resolution #1
Lecture 3Resolution #2
Lecture 4Resolution #3
Lecture 5Resolution #4
Lecture 6Resolution #5
Lecture 7Resolution #6
Lecture 8Resolution #7
Lecture 9Resolution #8
Lecture 10Resolution #9
Lecture 11Resolution #10
Lecture 12Resolution #11
Lecture 1311 Resolutions Conclusion
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