I Love the Approach

I Love the Approach
December 16, 2016 No Comments Uncategorized Gary V Carter

Inside out. It should always be about inside out. However, it is too easy to look at Christian leadership from the outside in.
I was fascinated today with some reading about Christian leadership. One suggestion in the book was to make sure you don’t give up your “platform” especially if it is externally successful and looks great on a resume. The premise seemed to be that you want to — need to — find a next role that is bigger and better than the one you now have. Hmmm. Sounds to me like it is all about success in terms of the world — maybe I am missing something. But it scares me.

I really like the way the MentorLink people have defined leadership in this Leader’s Covenant. This document carefully looks at Jesus and how he operated. It is hard to imagine Jesus advising anything about an existing platform. It is not that I am suggesting there is no place for broader exposure and influence; it is just that the inside character matters so much more.

I believe we need to be students of our culture and students of true and deep spirituality at the same time. There is much to learn in applying the skills learned from beyond the Word while subordinating — even subjugating — them to the principles of the Word. The inside comes first then we can pay attention to the externals. We should be evaluating based on the standards set by Jesus with greater intensity than any attention we pay to the externals. I try to let the resume take care of itself while I pay attention to cleaning up internal values and attitudes.

Seriously. Check out the Leader’s Covenant and the penetrating discussion and study materials that come with it. MentorLink resources are free to you because others donate time and money to create them for you.

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